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How we work. From first client meeting to project completion.

We are often asked about how the design process works, from "Should I pick a rug or a paint color first?" to "How do you figure out if everything will look right together?" What a great opportunity to provide a peek into the Andy Staszak design process.


Each design project begins with an initial evaluation and assessment. The designer will meet with clients to review the project and understand the requirements to meet all of the client needs. This initial meeting is the time to review any special considerations with regard to how the space is used through to budgetary guidelines and timeline. If you have collected photos, colors or other details showing your thoughts and ideas, we ask that you have them available for this initial meeting. This is also the time to review any existing drawings/plans that may have been created for the project. The outcome of this meeting will result in a project scope and review of how we will work to meet your needs. Contact us now to get started.


The design phase is a time when your design team starts the creative process. We will create measured drawings of the room(s) involved in the project if necessary, as well as an inventory of items that will remain in the space. We develop new space plans, color palettes, choose interior finishes such as paint, wallcovering, flooring, ceiling and window treatments. This is also the phase where any custom-designed pieces would be sketched for your review.


This is a collaborative process where concepts will be created, presented and shown for feedback that best address your needs.


Once we have created a final design for the space, we will move into the project proposal phase. The process of pricing your project is very detail oriented and our team works closely with all required contractors to create an estimate of work to be completed. Contracts will be included for each subcontractor outlining the scope of work.


And now the excitement begins! We will begin the final phase: processing orders for materials & required furnishings while contractors begin their work. The design team will oversee each phase of the project and work directly with each contractor to ensure your project is completed as specified, within the timeline and budget. We will be on-site and maintain a close working relationship with all contractors to ensure the project is being implemented as intended while keeping clients up to date on the progress.

Let's get started!

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