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"Never become so much of an EXPERT that you stop gaining expertise."

Andy Staszak

His basic approach to design is rooted in tradition but tempered by a strong infusion of modern elements. Whichever style he chooses for a given project, his fondness for warm colors and furniture with clean lines prevails. And he firmly believes that all objects need not produce the same visual impact. "One doesn't need to love everything in a room," he muses. "If everything is so individual your eye doesn't know where to focus because pieces compete for the viewer's attention and unique and interesting objects become lost."

What especially excites Andy is finding the perfect balance between his clients' practical needs and their stylistic preferences. How do they spend their days? Do they entertain frequently? Do they require plenty of seating because they invite lots of friends over to watch TV? Do they serve meals buffet-style or at sit-down dinners? Do their quarters need freshening up? More punch? A bit of sexiness? Taking these considerations into account, Andy integrates them into a sound design framework which determines the choice and arrangement of furniture and object, color scheme, lighting plan, etc., each playing its characteristic role.

It is, as a matter of fact, the response of Andy Staszak's clients which gives him the greatest pleasure from his work. He is content when, after the completion of a house, his clients beam with enthusiasm, happily telling him how much they love entertaining and just living in their home.

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